google books to kindle

How to read Google Books on Kindle?

Just to mention, that here we do not consider the Kindle Fire. Of course, you can jailbreak Kindle Fire and turn it into the full-featured Android tablet and install Google Books app for Android.

We also don't consider here reading on Kindle these paid Google Books that Google allows to download in the ePub format. In these books you can remove DRM-protection, convert them to MOBI format and read on any Kindle.

But the topic of this article is the most common case - when you want to read a free (publicly-accessible) Google Books on your eInk-screen Kindle (i.e. on the Kindle 3 Keyboard, Kindle DX, Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch).

Of course, the eInk-screen Kindle also has a browser, and theoretically it can also display Google Books site and all these public books. But probably you know that this browser is very slow and uncomfortable. It provides very terrible page navigation.

So the only way - is to download a book from Google Books, save it in a format that Kindle can read and copy it to the Kindle via USB. Recall that the Kindle only reads the following formats: MOBI, PDF, TXT, and MP3.

How can we download a book from Google Books in one of these formats? It's clear that MP3 - is not an option. MOBI and TXT are also inappropriate, because a public book pages on Google Books are displayed as PNG-images and therefore they can be only downloaded as images.

Thus, the only option - is PDF. But how to convert Google Books to PDF? Of course you can do it manually extracting Google Books pages from your browser cache and then compile them into PDF file. But it's very long and tedious work. Fortunately, there is a wonderful app that makes it all automatically - Google Books Downloader.

You simply find or select a book you want to download and Google Books Downloader does the rest. And in result you get a PDF file. You can even set the resolution of the resulting PDF file.

And this PDF file you can copy to your Kindle via USB (using any file manage or Kindle book manager) and read it. The only trouble is that once the text in the PDF file is an image rather than plain-text, you can not scale it. Therefore, the ideal eInk device for reading PDF files is Kindle DX. And if you have the small Kindle, you'll probably want to rotate the screen to the horisontal view to read comfortably.

Note, that Google Books Downloader just like Kindle Collection Manager is installed not on Kindle, but on your PC. And it doesn't work on Mac and iPad.